Financial Report 2022 of the Savings Banks Finance Group

President of the German Savings Banks Association

Foreword by the President

»There have been Savings Banks for almost 250 years. In that time, we have seen major changes – political, social, economic. Who can claim to have helped shape Germany as much as the Savings Banks? So it all depends on us.«

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Piktogramm Engagement

399 million euros

Social Commitments

Piktogramm Sparkonten

29.8 million

Savings Accounts

Piktogramm Steuern

3.5 bn euros


Piktogramm Girokonten

50 million


An anchor of sustainability in stormy times

How the Savings Banks network, businesses and municipalities are moving forward together

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Helmut Dedy

»We will have to stray from familiar paths more often in the future«

An interview with Helmut Dedy, Chief Executive of the German Association of Cities and Towns and Member of the DSGV Executive Board.

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Karolin Schriever

»Savings banks are in pole position when it comes to sustainability«

An interview with Karolin Schriever, Executive Member of the Board at the DSGV

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Winery Schloss Vollrads aerial view

Sustainable riesling from the savings bank’s vineyard

Nassauische Sparkasse has put the traditional Schloss Vollrads vineyard on course for the future

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Outdoor Sport

From a barn to europe’s most environmentally friendly outdoor outfitters

Sustainability as a corporate strategy: Vaude also relies on Sparkasse Bodensee and LBBW for this

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Solar park aerial view

Renewable energy for an entire region

Sparkasse Engen-Gottmadingen accompanies 'regenerative municipal utility' Solarcomplex on its rapid growth course

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